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Producer . Mixing Engineer . 

Mastering Engineer . Creative

  • Dance, EDM, & Pop productions

  • Pursuing international collaborations

  • San Antonio, Texas based

  • Unsigned

Artist Inspiration!

Alex Hampton is largely inspired by the early creations of Calvin Harris. "If it sounds good and it's popular, it inspires me to be honest."

Musical Inspiration!

Pop, EDM, tropical house, dance music, and disco are heavy influences towards Hampton's productions though he enjoys a wide range of genres.

What to look forward to?

Currently, Alex is working on finishing 3-5 singles set to be released within the next 2-5 months as well as beginning production on several western and eastern fusion dance tracks with the help from Bollywood connection Vaishali Aks Viva.

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Lost Without You

Presented by AKS Music & Studios

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